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191304 Saigon 103 Photo © Ludo Segers192802 Maichau Young Boy 38  Photo © Ludo Segers190310 Ruta Vilnius  9 Photo © Ludo SegersLouisbourgHonen-In KyotoWinter in VilniusIn VeniceViltaute VilniusSenator McCain in his office with the then Deputy-Speaker of Lithuanian ParliamentRuta Lee and FM LinkeviciusLithuanian Prime Minister and LABC's Eric StewartA closer LookRigaGoda 2017Wroclaw ReflectionGrand Striptease Giacomo ManzùHakone Open Air MuseumVarzaneh IranGrazina in Wroclaw 30 x 45 cm 250 Euro192802 Sa Pa24  Photo © Ludo Segers190225 Mau Chai Vietnam  101 Photo © Ludo Segers