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Three Japanese ladies making a last selfie on Sunday before an already closed Louvre before the full lockdown � Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania TribuneTrocadero is usually filed with tourist admiring the Eiffel tower  � Ludo Segers20200318 Paris Opera with only police checking movement and empty buses 9752 Photo � Ludo Segers20200417 April in a deserted Paris  3399 Photo © Ludo Segers20200423 Around the Louvre in April during locked-down  850_3564 Photo © Ludo SegersThe deserted Moulin Rouge area during the Paris Corona Virus Lockdown � Ludo Segers @ The Lithuania Tribune20200414 Paris Lock-down 3307 Photo © Ludo Segers20200506 Champs Elysee at night during lockdown 4013 Photo © Ludo Segers20200423 April in a locked-down Paris  850_3621 Photo © Ludo Segers20200502 Louvre in early May in Paris 3935 Photo © Ludo SegersPont Alexandre toward the Eiffel Tower Paris 3616 Photo © Ludo Segers20200502 Invalides at night in Paris 3959 Photo © Ludo Segers20200417 Rue Galande in April in a deserted Paris 3426 Photo © Ludo Segers20200325 Paris during Corona 2968 Photo © Ludo Segers20200326 Paris during Corona  850_2992 Photo © Ludo SegersNear Place du Tertre  April in Paris 3636 Photo © Ludo Segers20200508 Indre Stakisaityte in a locked-down Paris  4350n1 Photo © Ludo Segers20200328 Boulevard Malesherbes Paris during Corona 2997 Photo © Ludo Segers200322 Paris during the Corona Virus Lockdown 2911 Photo © Ludo Segers20200315 Toward the Opera in Paris Corona Virus Lockdown 2889 Photo © Ludo Segers